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The Midlife Brain Upgrade

The Midlife Brain Upgrade

Discover the Hidden Strengths of Your Female Brain in Midlife and Beyond

Hey there, this is Cara Bradley, and welcome to another episode of "Daily Whispers." Today, I am bursting with excitement as I dive into the fascinating world of Dr. Luanne Brizendine's book, "The Upgrade.1" The burning question on my mind: can the female brain truly get stronger and better as we age? According to Dr. Brizendine, the answer is Hell Yes!

Dr. Brizendine's groundbreaking research challenges conventional wisdom about aging and menopause, revealing that women can actually become wiser, more confident, and even more compassionate over time.

But here's the catch: many of us are thrown off track by menopause, leaving our untapped potential lying dormant.

We need to Change the Conversation Inside our Head!

Join me as I discuss the urgent need to change the conversation, both in our society and within our own minds. It's all about shifting our mindset and recognizing that this transformative phase of life can serve as a springboard for personal growth.

I'll share practical strategies for making small, incremental changes to improve both our physiology and psychology, helping us navigate the sometimes rough seas of menopause. It's time to flip the script, see menopause as an upgrade, and fully embrace the power that comes with being a woman in her forties, fifties and older.

Don't miss out on this episode that, I hope, will leave you inspired to step up and soar in this next chapter of life.

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Cara Bradley is a Menopause Performance Coach, wellness entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of Menopause Inc. providing workplace programming for high performing women.


Luann Brizendine, The Upgrade: How the Female Brain Gets Stronger and Better in Midlife and Beyond (Harmony, 2022)

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