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Daily Whispers
The Wisdom of Midlife Women

The Wisdom of Midlife Women

Embracing Strength, Softness, and Timeless Wisdom

In this episode of "Daily Whispers," I'm excited to share a heartfelt realization. I've held two seemingly ordinary items on my glass table for quite some time, and they've become symbols of profound wisdom and growth.

The first item is a piece of beach glass, discovered during a challenging walk by the sea. This glass, weathered and resilient, shines brilliantly when held up to the sun. It represents the strength and durability we gain through life's experiences.

The second item, a smooth piece of wood from Ruby Beach, Washington, speaks of softness and adaptability. Just like this wood, we, as midlife women, are softened by life experiences but also weathered by them, becoming resilient and wise.

These humble objects, timeless and ageless, remind me that we, too, are becoming gems—strong, enduring, and beautiful in our own unique ways. As we embrace our transitions, we shine like beach glass and feel as comforting as beachwood underfoot.

Join me in discovering the precious gems within ourselves and in appreciating the universe's unexpected lessons.

Thank you for tuning in and sharing in this beautiful journey of self-discovery.

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Cara Bradley is a Menopause Performance Coach, wellness entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of Menopause Inc. providing workplace programming for high performing women.

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Daily Whispers
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