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Lighting Up At Mid-Life
Lighting Up At Mid-Life
Becoming Bolder, Braver, and More Truthful, One Step at a Time

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Today on Daily Whispers we explore the power of pushing your limits and embracing the unknown.

I share my exhilarating experience in a recent bootcamp class and the surprising aha moment it brought when I found myself facing an unfamiliar challenge: pushing a heavy plate across the floor.

The experience left me breathless, but it also sparked an epiphany. In life, as in fitness, it's crucial to "push the plate" - to venture beyond the familiar and comfortable.

I delve into various ways we can do this - from physical challenges to emotional growth.

Join me in exploring how taking that extra 1% step can light up your life and help you grow in unexpected ways.

So, my challenge to you today is simple: Step up, push the plate, and watch your life light up.

Are you game? Let's do this!

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Cara Bradley is a Mind-Body Teacher and Menopause Performance Coach, wellness entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of Menopause Inc. providing workplace programming for high performing women.

menopause. your mind. and more.

Daily Whispers

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