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A Call to Women Over 40 to Ignite Change
A Call to Women Over 40 to Ignite Change
From Distraction to Directed: Women's Power Unveiled

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This may be my most important Daily Whispers episode - ever!

It's our time, dear sisters. We must awaken from the trance of societal conditioning and the hectic pace of life.

We have the power, wisdom, and compassion within us; it's time to claim our natural, loving energy.

I'm not pitting women against men; I'm simply called to speak to you, my sisters aged 40 and beyond.

We often get lost in fixing ourselves and others, but we must remember the extraordinary power within us. As we age, we tend to forget. I'm here to guide and inspire you to share your loving energy and be the change we want to see in the world.

The distractions of consumerism and societal expectations often keep us from our purpose, passion, and natural genius.

I feel called to remind you to connect with your inner self, your center, and use it as your guiding light to navigate life.

When you do, you can transform the world's energy from hate and violence to love, peace, acceptance, and oneness.

I'm stepping out on a limb today, driven by the energy that flows through us all.

Now, more than ever, it's our time to make a change.

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Cara Bradley is a Mind-Body Teacher and Menopause Performance Coach, wellness entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of Menopause Inc. providing workplace programming for high performing women.

menopause. your mind. and more.

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